37 square meters light and minimal apartment

When it comes to small spaces and interior I’m always interested to see how the owner decorated the place. My own apartment is a bit bigger with it’s 55 square meters, still small but I respect those with less space! For instance this 37 square meters studio apartment from Sweden, which looks a lot bigger due to the colors, interior decoration and the floor plan. What I like most about this apartment is the mix of styles. Overall it’s minimalistic with lots of black and white (love!), but there’s also an industrial and Nordic vibe. Although the interior looks a bit cold, the rooms feel cozy and playful.

In my opinion the warmest spot in the apartment is the kitchen because of the wooden cabinets, but also because of the brick wall which shows it’s character. I hope you like this small spaced apartment as much as I do. Welcome inside a 37 square meter minimal apartment filled with natural light and a mix of different styles!


I fell in love with this apartment due to this single photo. All the black-and-white decoration, what’s not the love right? The neon light bar with ‘Bonjour’, the different patterns and graphics on the cushions, the wooden stick which is there for no reason 😉



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Inspiration for your home: Moroccan and industrial mix

One person who always inspires me is Nina Holst of Stylizimo. Her basement is decorated with a Moroccan and industrial vibe. Exactly the one I would love to create for my balcony.
Her whole home is a huge inspiration, like her low-budget walk in closet. Unfortunately I don’t have the space for that now, but she inspires me for creative thinking in the home! Her eye for detail and creativity… what’s not to love! Also great photography!

More of her on stylizimoblog.com


Holiday cabin redecoration

Last weekend I spent in a holiday log cabin in Drenthe, a region in The Netherlands. I got me a great deal so the decision was both easy and spontaneous! The outside of the cabin was awesome, almost like I’ve imagined (different color). But the inside was so disappointing! Poor, ‘cold’ and desolate. A log cabin for six persons, with an old leathered ‘modern’ couch, three not matching garden chairs and a not matching coffee table. Only the curtains were charming. So in a case like that, my mind takes over control. I’ve redecorated the cabin almost a thousand times, switching furniture and picking new ones. So I decided to create two different mood boards for a cabin redecoration, which I share in this post. Two different tones, one warm, one more clean but ‘airy’ to create the idea that the living is bigger. Enjoy!

There are a couple things to consider while redecoration a specific holiday cabin. First of all, it’s a cabin in the wood and surrounded by dirt which means no rug on the floor or furniture with textile to the floor. And second, the interior can not be to expensive because of the use by different visitors and because of the times the interior needs to be duplicated to all log cabins on the park. So to maintain a low budget I used furniture and decoration of IKEA and H&M Home. For the wall decoration I found some prints on Etsy, label them with the designers also honors the designer and gives the opportunity to collect the art for yourself 🙂

To give you an impression of the actual state of the living I took a photo with my phone.


So here are my 2 holiday cabin redecoration ideas…

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Old pencil factory turns into stunning Vipp family home

Morten Bo Jensen is living in his own design. The Chief Designer of Vipp transformed an old pencil factory in a modern and stunning family home. The factory is located in central Copenhagen and not only renovated. Besides renovation, Jensen completely redesigned the factory but kept an industrial look-and-feel with lots of structured materials, dark colors and minimal furniture. Gotta love all the Vipp products! Even the black kitchen of the year is installed in his family home. Some eye-catchers in the home relate to the old factory’s history, like an art piece made of yellow pencils. Enjoy a view inside Morten Bo Jensen’s own showroom of design!











After seeing this home I’m even more greedy to get some Vipp!

Images via Homedit and Vipp


Last weekend finds #1

Last weekend I spent some time in my parents cabin in the woods. A lovely place to get lost and get some rest. I’ve always enjoyed nature and it’s not weird that all materials of nature are so trending in interiors lately. I think we all need some time off when it comes to screaming (social) media advertising. I’m going to force myself to visit that lovely spot in nature more often. Nature is inspiring in all her ways. The different shades, the fallen trees, singing birds… I see more of it appearing in my interior, especially wood. Before visiting the little cabin, I visited Amsterdam for a TV program event of Toren C. The event was staged in an industrial barn with an even more industrial decorated bar next to it. Bar “Roest” is decorated with a mix of eclectic and industrial, which fits the laid back attitude of their visitors and employees. And last but not least I started drawing again, day by day I want to challenge myself to draw something. Enjoy my weekend finds!

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]esides drawing for fun I want to give you the opportunity to select your favourite. The drawing with the most ‘likes’ will be turned into a poster and digitalised so you can download it! Drawing triggers my creativity and I’m happy to found that part of me back 🙂

Behind the ‘scenes’ I’m working hard on my new bedroom from which I will share part 2 very soon!  Also I’m working on some more home tours to share with you. For now here’s a little selection of my Instagram life last weekend. I tried to keep my phone of, but my surrounding begged me to get captured 🙂



// Butterfly “E”* trip
E stands for Emma, a friend which inspired me for this drawing


// Sleeping under my new Zuiver Fringe lamp


// Inside Bar “Roest” in Amsterdam


// Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Times quote drawing


// My parents cabin in the woods


// Ziva (parents cat) sleeping drawing


And of course a #selfie with the ladies from Toren C 😉

Comment your favourite!


Balcony inspiration: Dazzling midsummer nights by Johan

Last week Stefanie Broekers inspired you with her version of Dazzling Midsummer Nights – balcony inspiration. I promised you all to accept the challenge to create my own version of ‘Dazzling Midsummer Nights’, with some colours I had in mind for my own balcony. Well I finally exceeded to create a same-feeling-inspirational collage. Values I kept in mind were: relaxation, spend more time with friends and escaping the rush of the city. Stefanie created a soft coloured color scheme with some Moroccan details – and a slightly feminine touch. My scheme is the opposite but still relaxed (nice contrast though! ) Enjoy my version for some balcony inspiration!

It was hard to try to find something with the same ambiance in the whole picture but I think I succeeded. Well, Stefanie thought so and I always appreciate her opinion! My touch is not that masculine, but more industrial. I used the same brands with most of the accessories. Unfortunately the anti-mosquito scent weren’t available in any ‘male’ color… Also the brand ‘It’s all about Romi’ were to feminine for this collage, so I cheated with just one different brand: TULP. TULP got these great BBQ / Brazier barrels I had to add! Friends love BBQ’s 🙂

Well here’s some balcony inspiration with my interpretation of Dazzling Midsummer Nights!


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Shoppen, Wooninspiratie

No.19 industrielamp van Olaf Weller voor Het Lichtlab

Als er één lamp zijn opmars heeft gemaakt het afgelopen jaar is het de industrielamp. De No.19 Industrielamp is geïnspireerd op de populaire grote industrielampen, enkel uitgevoerd in een abstracte vorm waardoor deze lamp zich onderscheid. Door enkel het frame te tonen in de vorm van de bekende industrielamp, oogt deze lamp ruimer maar geeft het toch de karakteristieke en industriële look-and-feel. Jong talent Olaf Weller is de designer van de No.19 industrielamp en ontwierp deze voor Het Lichtlab – die veelal lichtontwerpen creëert met een simplistische vorm. De No.19 Industrielamp bestaat uit 15 onderdelen – al zou je er 19 verwachten 😉 – gesneden met een laserstraal uit MDF. Deze techniek geeft de lamp zijn karakteristieke zwarte randen. Een duurzaam proces want alle onderdelen komen uit slechts 1 MDF plaat. Ook worden er geen bevestigingsmiddelen of lijm gebruikt waardoor het frame van deze lamp ‘puur natuur’ is en aansluit bij de visie van Weller om producten te maken die mensenlevens verrijkt en de aarde zo min mogelijk verarmt.

[dropcap]D[/dropcap]oor de abstracte vorm van de lampenkap heeft ook de authentieke gloeilamp een prominente rol het ontwerp. Je kan het een ode aan Thomas Edison noemen. De No.19 Industrielamp is een bijzondere opvolging op de vintage koplamp hanglamp van Het Lichtlab, die zij in april 2013 introduceerde. Beide hanglampen zijn echte eye-catchers voor bijvoorbeeld boven de eettafel.

Kortom ben je op zoek zijn naar een unieke en open industriële lamp, dan is de No.19 Industrielamp van Olaf Weller de verlichting die je zoekt!






Je kan de lamp eenvoudig online bestellen via Retro-Designlampen.nl

Foto’s via



Modern man cave

It’s almost weekend which means time to celebrate and go out. Or on the other hand, stay at home in your man cave. In America and Australia the man cave is very popular, but in The Netherlands you see it more often. A space where the man of the house can enjoy his hobbies or alcoholic beverages. Whether it’s in a basement, shed or spare room, as long as it’s equipped with a television, comfortable seating and a mini bar it’s good enough. So while the woman is baking cupcakes, the man can enjoy his beverages with his friends (stereotypical speaking…). So here’s my interpretation of the modern man cave where not only comfortable seating is equipped, but also modern lightning, rock and roll and an industrial touch.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n my eyes most of the man caves come very ‘old English pub’ or very industrial. When it comes to the single man it mostly is called a bachelor pad – which I personally adore! More luxury and less clutter. Most of the Dutch homes that I visited contained a computer room and a hobby room (mostly for women). So let’s get masculine and give the man more space than just a little shed filled with tools, and get inspired by the following interior decoration specially for men, to decorate your own modern man cave!




// Classified Moto Café Table & Original lamp with spring coverClassified Moto
The guys behind Classified Moto started with custom made motorcycles and toyed around with some custom made lamps.
What started with a whim in their garage, turned in a worldwide hit. The lamp is made of vintage parts of 70’s and 80’s Japanese motorcycles.


Shell-Stool-bronze-JakePhipps// Wall lamp Jeeves & Shell Stool by Jake PhippsJake Phipps

My personal fav is Jeeves because of it’s authentic bowler hat. Jake Phipps add that little British design which I adore: a different angle on furniture designs. Phipps works for huge clients like Google, Tommy Hilfiger, Harvey Nichols and Philippe Starck. An eye-catcher for the true gentleman!


// Cars filmography by Calm The Ham –  Calm The Ham
A little bit more vintage with this awesome print of all different movie cars from 1929 to the modern day!
Iconic cars like the “1963 Cadillac series 62 Convertible” from Scarface, “1955 Ford Lincoln Futura Concept Car” from Batman and my personal favourite: “1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500” from Gone In 60 Seconds.


// The Rockstar whisky bar by Buster + PunchBuster and Punch
Again an UK-based brand – gotta love it! Buster + Punch are for those who want to live with conviction.
I’ll write more on these fellows later! This Rockstar whisky and cocktail bar is finished in American Black walnut and covered with Rockstar Black Leather.


// Keats sofa by Jimmie Martin –  Jimmie Martin
When it comes to Jimmie Martin I’m always in. These guys know how to turn furniture into unique pieces, sometimes even with graffiti.
For every modern man cave owner, a lovely refurnished Chesterfield

Hope you got inspired for a man cave. I don’t want to exclude women, I guess if you are into industrial design and home interiors you would love some of the products above.

Enjoy your weekend!!