Inspiration for your home: Moroccan and industrial mix

One person who always inspires me is Nina Holst of Stylizimo. Her basement is decorated with a Moroccan and industrial vibe. Exactly the one I would love to create for my balcony. Her whole home is a huge inspiration, like her low-budget walk in closet. Unfortunately...

Holiday cabin redecoration

Last weekend I spent in a holiday log cabin in Drenthe, a region in The Netherlands. I got me a great deal so the decision was both easy and spontaneous! The outside of the cabin was awesome, almost like I’ve imagined (different color). But the inside was so disappointing! Poor, ‘cold’ and desolate. A log cabin for six persons, with an old leathered ‘modern’ couch, three not matching garden chairs and a not matching coffee table. Only the curtains were charming. So in a case like that, my mind takes over control. I’ve redecorated the cabin almost a thousand times, switching furniture and picking new ones. So I decided to create two different mood boards for a cabin redecoration, which I share in this post. Two different tones, one warm, one more clean but ‘airy’ to create the idea that the living is bigger. Enjoy!

There are a couple things to consider while redecoration a specific holiday cabin. First of all, it’s a cabin in the wood and surrounded by dirt which means no rug on the floor or furniture with textile to the floor. And second, the interior can not be to expensive because of the use by different visitors and because of the times the interior needs to be duplicated to all log cabins on the park. So to maintain a low budget I used furniture and decoration of IKEA and H&M Home. For the wall decoration I found some prints on Etsy, label them with the designers also honors the designer and gives the opportunity to collect the art for yourself šŸ™‚

To give you an impression of the actual state of the living I took a photo with my phone.


So here are my 2 holiday cabin redecoration ideas…

Old pencil factory turns into stunning Vipp family home

Morten Bo Jensen is living in his own design. The Chief Designer of Vipp transformed an old pencil factory in a modern and stunning family home. The factory is located in central Copenhagen and not only renovated. Besides renovation, Jensen completely redesigned the factory but...

Last weekend finds #1

Last weekend I spent some time in my parents cabin in the woods. A lovely place to get lost and get some rest. I've always enjoyed nature and it's not weird that all materials of nature are so trending in interiors lately. I think we...

Balcony inspiration: Dazzling midsummer nights by Johan

Last week Stefanie Broekers inspired you with her version of Dazzling Midsummer Nights – balcony inspiration. I promised you all to accept the challenge to create my own version of ‘Dazzling Midsummer Nights’, with some colours I had in mind for my own balcony. Well I finally exceeded to create a same-feeling-inspirational collage. Values I kept in mind were: relaxation, spend more time with friends and escaping the rush of the city. Stefanie created a soft coloured color scheme with some Moroccan details – and a slightly feminine touch. My scheme is the opposite but still relaxed (nice contrast though! ) Enjoy my version for some balcony inspiration!

It was hard to try to find something with the same ambiance in the whole picture but I think I succeeded. Well, Stefanie thought so and I always appreciate her opinion! My touch is not that masculine, but more industrial. I used the same brands with most of the accessories. Unfortunately the anti-mosquito scent weren’t available in any ‘male’ color… Also the brand ‘It’s all about Romi’ were to feminine for this collage, so I cheated with just one different brand: TULP. TULP got these great BBQ / Brazier barrels I had to add! Friends love BBQ’s šŸ™‚

Well here’s some balcony inspiration with my interpretation of Dazzling Midsummer Nights!


No.19 industrielamp van Olaf Weller voor Het Lichtlab

Als er Ć©Ć©n lamp zijn opmars heeft gemaakt het afgelopen jaar is het de industrielamp. De No.19 Industrielamp is geĆÆnspireerd op de populaire grote industrielampen, enkel uitgevoerd in een abstracte vorm waardoor deze lamp zich onderscheid. Door enkel het frame te tonen in de vorm...

Modern man cave

It's almost weekend which means time to celebrate and go out. Or on the other hand, stay at home in your man cave. In America and Australia the man cave is very popular, but in The Netherlands you see it more often. A space where...