Shoppen, Wooninspiratie

Xmas shopping: 5 design gifts for foodies

De feestmaand is officieel begonnen. Over iets meer dan twee weken is het alweer kerst! De tijd van familie, lekker eten en cadeaus. Tijd om na te denken over cadeaus die past bij de persoon. Maar wat koop je nou voor die bewuste designliefhebber met smaak? Ik heb het over een hobbykok, een ‘foodie’, met kennis van lekker eten en oog voor mooie dingen in en rondom de keuken.

Je kent die design foodie ongetwijfeld wel! Hij of zij vult je tijdlijn met foto’s van gerechten en tagged ze met ‘#foodporn”, #foodstagram, “nomnom”. Deze persoon heeft op flink wat fronten ‘smaak’. Voor die persoon ben ik gaan shoppen bij mijn favoriete online winkels en selecteerde 5 smaakvolle (lust voor oog en mond) cadeaus voor de perfecte tafelaankleding!


Dé kleur van het jaar kan eigenlijk niet achterblijven in de keuken en die overheerlijke ovenschotel moet je toch ergens zetten, dus waarom niet op deze (1) messing onderzetter van House Doctor. Heb je er zoete aardappels bij geserveerd of iets gegaard zonder zout, zorg dan voor (2) zout & peper (of andere kruiden) in een stijlvol jasje met kruiden van Nicolas Vahé.

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Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Blueberry Dream

Afgelopen weekend was rustig, zonnig en bovenal inspirerend! Er waren tientallen festivals her en der, maar zelf heb ik feitelijk ‘niks’ gedaan behalve een up-tempo lesje Sh’Bam op de zaterdagochtend (een blijvertje), huisman spelen en een hapje en drankje met vrienden. Ontspannen is heerlijk als je het combineert met dagdromen! Aangezien gedachten nooit stil lijken te staan, heb ik toch een beetje ‘gewerkt’ aan een concept dat me al 4 jaar bezig houdt. Eentje die ik verwacht dit jaar te verwezenlijken (binnenkort meer). Door de temperatuur ben ik niet toegekomen aan het verven van mijn hal en woonkamer, wat ik wel op mijn lijstje had staan. Als alles gaat volgens planning, siert Blueberry Dream eind van deze week mijn hal. Vandaag alvast een voorproefje in deze Monday Mood.


1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Woensdag meer over mijn Blueberry Dream verfproject 🙂 Fijne week allemaal!
O… voor ik het vergeet, het recept van Blueberry Lemon Napoleon Dessert lijkt me een aanradertje voor dit zomerse weer!

Last weekend I enjoyed some me-time. I didn’t plan anything except for a hardcore Sh’Bam class and breakfast with a friend. It was a great weekend for some daydreaming and working on a concept I’ve got in my head for over 4 years now. I hope to share more soon – tough it’s a Dutch project. I’ve also thinking about repainting my house in a colour I discovered last week during a Flexa Creations Event in Amsterdam. The colour “Blueberry Dream” is the one I’m applying to my hallway and living room this week. I’ll tell you more about it on Wednesday. For now enjoy this Monday Mood board and don’t forget to have a look at the recipe (3) – it looks easy and yummy!

Have a delicious new week!


Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Dolce Italy

Yesterday I participated a bloggers lunch with an Italian theme. Jup, it’s a cliché, but ‘La vita é bella’! Especially with great food, a fresh glass of Prosecco with Limoncello ‘Fiorito’ and new inspiring people in a cozy well-decorated space 🙂 Eddy and Femk, the culinary duo of Hééérlijk ‘Delicious’ served lovely Italian food.

Although I never visited Italy, the pasta salad, bruschetta with cream cheese, ham and figs and the great finish: home-made tiramisu, made my head believe I was on holiday! Ever since I’ve read and saw the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ I wanted to enjoy the Italian food like it was described in the book. So now Roberts and I share two things: red hair and a love for Italian food. On this Monday I want to share some of that ‘Dolce Italy’ feeling with you!

I found a lovely saying and I quote: “Il Dolce Far Niente”, which actually means “The Sweetness Of Doing Nothing”. Something you can keep in mind after your work day – or maybe for next weekend. Have a great week all!


Kitchen with Fornasetti plates | Il Dolce Far Niente print | Capri Trunk | Cashmere crewneck sweater

Ciao ! See you back on Wednesday

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Life-like birds by Diana Beltran Herrera

The paper birds by Diana Beltran Herrera are remarkable! For me as a ‘bird lover’ it was like love at first sight. Not only they look exactly like the real ones, the crafting behind it owes respect! Herrera’s work ‘seeks to explore the disengaged relationship between humans and nature in modern society’. The youngster (1987) created bird series from exotic colorful birds, to the humble Dutch sparrow.

I mostly love her project for The Cornell Fine Arts Museum for which she created seven sculptures of local bird species. For this series she even created my most beloved bird: Blue Jay – which is the main character of my newest art painting at home. It’s not a surprise that huge brands have found her talented skills. At the moment Diana is working on display windows for important brands in the fashion industry, along with private commissions. I bet we’ll see more of her in the future as of now she’s still completing her fine arts degree.

Enjoy and get inspired by these life-like bird sculptures by Colombian artist Diana Beltran Herrera!




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Little white apartment

What do you think of this little white apartment in Taiwan? All white doesn’t mean boring, Z-Axis Design adds pops of colours to keep the space filled with personality. Like the black storage unit above and below, where a blue popping corner cabinet is added. Balance is created by a matching lounge chair in the same room. With the right tricks you can easily make a small apartment a place to live.

I’m personally fan of the tricks they used to create a personal space. I would love to spend a whole day in this bedroom to recharge myself and feel zen. Enjoy and get inspired by this small but large-looking white apartment!



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Mijn appartement in Rotterdam, Shoppen

Sharing my balcony ideas

I enjoyed the sun this weekend. Having breakfast on my balcony was just one of the lovely offers! That made me think to redecorate my balcony. With my previous post ‘balcony inspiration: Dazzling Midsummer Nights’ I already picked up some ideas for the theme, but during a cup of coffee I made a sketch of the new arrangement. Because I’m saving money for something I really do need… (flooring), my budget is a bit tight- but nothing IKEA can’t handle 😉 Yesterday I invited some friends over for a little BBQ and that helped me with finishing the plan. Like adding some lightning and flexible furniture. Subtle, easy and green energy in which the sun will help me out when it’s getting dark.

With a sunny spot on my balcony all day, it’s a very popular spot for inviting friends over. There’s nothing as lovely as having friends over on your own little terrace 🙂 Although my balcony space is around 6m2, there’s room for 4 friends. I now have 2 folding chairs and a table which is a bit limited, so I had to rethink about the flexibility of moving furniture. So here are my balcony ideas and the products ‘shopped’ on IKEA.


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Balcony inspiration: Dazzling midsummer nights by Stefanie

Birds are singing and the sun shows herself more and more these days. Together with interior stylist and friend Stefanie Broekers I was brainstorming for some balcony and garden inspiration. We both picked the lovely garden with a cinema screen and relaxing cushions decorated with lanterns. The trends of last years outdoors where all about ‘the inside out’ – a way to extend your living room. We think that this year it’s more about escaping the city and relax and enjoy and spend more time with friends. A little more cozy and contact with Mother Earth. Natural materials, a little bit of Morocco and soft colors. A more feminine approach, but the one I like. With my new interest in yoga it’s all about taking more time to relax and escaping the rush. With this balcony & garden collage by Stefanie, she gives you some inspiration to create your own dazzling midsummer night!

It’s not fully summer, but with this balcony inspiration you’ll have some time gathering the right ingredients for the outdoors! Although soft colors are not my personal favorite, I got to say I love these products Stefanie pulled together! I still have some own favorites for my own balcony inspiration but I’m going to make it similar to the one below, just to try out different colors and make it more masculine. But the challenge is to create the same setting with different products. I’ll hope to show to you all soon. But first get inspired by Dazzling Midsummer Nights!! Take the ‘Citronella’ Incense to stay mosquito-free on a graceful way. How fun would it be to watch black and white movies on that huge screen – or on someones notebook 🙂

Enjoy a little midsummer breeze!


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A touch of calm… blue

While the idea for redecorating my bedroom started around November last year, this weekend I finally found the time to actually do it. I was tired of the retro wallpaper and the beige colors. The wallpaper flew right towards me every evening before hitting dreamland… so it was time for a change. Something new, something calm.. something blue! Blue is one of my favorite colors – and with me lots of others because blue is the number 1 favorite color of all people. Maybe it’s because I love swimming, water, my sign is water (scorpio) or maybe because I love the night…

Anyway, I wanted a calm color for more peace but not gray – like my living room. At the home depot store I bought Histor paint – a brand I came familiar with while winning the design competition by Histor and Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek. I also already placed my cupboard in my new blue bedroom. Unfortunately I don’t have high res photos of my new bedroom color, because it’s not completely finished yet. I mis-measured my wall .. oops. So I hope to share it with you next week!

For now I’ll share some inspiration from my Pinterest “COLOR // BLUE” board I collected. For example I love the Japanese blue porcelain bowls, the porcelain plates you can mount to your wall (I would love that in my bedroom) and I recently spotted the Porcelain Wallpaper by Studio Ditte. During the Meet The Bloggers day Tricia Guild of Designers Guild, was there to talk about color and promote her new book “Colour Deconstructed”. I bought a copy and spotted the dip dye blue wallpaper. Her book features lots of blue tones. And last but not least, the famous Danish brand Ferm Living introduced inked blue accessories for their SS 14 collection.



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Inspired by The Streets

Today I spotted the combination of yellow and blue on the streets. Color consultant Fabienne Bruyninckx spoke about these colors, which are symbolism for optimism and resourcing, during the Piet Hein Eek day. Apparently my mind is now more aware of all the different color combinations around me. This bright yellow even made the dirty trashcan look optimistic! Take a look at the bright side of life! Get inspired by the streets.

I tried putting some color to my neutral home, and these colors are the only ones I tried (so far) – another link for me. For the Histor & Piet Hein Eek challenge I even painted my cupboard partly ‘resourcing’… I hope the beauty of these inspired you to look with a different eye on daily objects 🙂 So today is not only inspiring, also a bit teaching (for those who didn’t knew it).

Enjoy my ‘inspired by the streets’ color swatches and some of HK Living products, which match perfectly!


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