Inspired by Street Art #2

It’s almost like I’m in a blue mood but this piece of street art has been on my mind lately. Unfortunately I didn’t shoot this one by myself, but I love every detail about it. Ghostly shapes, grunge look-and-feel but so intriguing and yet inspiring. Looking at it reminds me a bit of the new Spring Collection by Ferm Living, but also works of the famous baroque and roll duo Jimmie Martin and – earlier mentioned – HK Living. I’ve been looking for a great art piece for months now but this piece of street art is something I would really love to have! Anyways I’ve created a color scheme and collected some brands which popped in my mind while looking at this urban street art. Get inspired by street art from Wide Open Walls in Gambia!

Have you seen the new collection of Danish brand Ferm Living? The new ‘Pen’ collection is where the pen is in charge of the print. This collection with tablecloth and napkins suits the best with this style of street art! See below if you haven’t seen the collection yet. Also from the color scheme I created I picked some grungy textiles from HK Living. A cushion with dripped shapes like the bottom of the street art, and a rug which contains the brightest blue in the whole picture. The Louis All Black by Jimmie Martin adds some class and ‘Fringe’ by Zuiver finish it all.

If you are looking for an edgy color palette, this collage is your cup of tea! Personally I really love it and recently ‘dipped’ my bedroom in this style. Ceiling lamp ‘Fringe’ is luckily on it’s way for my new blue bedroom 🙂

Enjoy this edgy collage inspired by some urban street art from Gambia!


Inspired by The Streets

Today I spotted the combination of yellow and blue on the streets. Color consultant Fabienne Bruyninckx spoke about these colors, which are symbolism for optimism and resourcing, during the Piet Hein Eek day. Apparently my mind is now more aware of all the different color combinations around me. This bright yellow even made the dirty trashcan look optimistic! Take a look at the bright side of life! Get inspired by the streets.

I tried putting some color to my neutral home, and these colors are the only ones I tried (so far) – another link for me. For the Histor & Piet Hein Eek challenge I even painted my cupboard partly ‘resourcing’… I hope the beauty of these inspired you to look with a different eye on daily objects 🙂 So today is not only inspiring, also a bit teaching (for those who didn’t knew it).

Enjoy my ‘inspired by the streets’ color swatches and some of HK Living products, which match perfectly!