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Inspired by Street Art #2

It’s almost like I’m in a blue mood but this piece of street art has been on my mind lately. Unfortunately I didn’t shoot this one by myself, but I love every detail about it. Ghostly shapes, grunge look-and-feel but so intriguing and yet inspiring. Looking at it reminds me a bit of the new Spring Collection by Ferm Living, but also works of the famous baroque and roll duo Jimmie Martin and – earlier mentioned – HK Living. I’ve been looking for a great art piece for months now but this piece of street art is something I would really love to have! Anyways I’ve created a color scheme and collected some brands which popped in my mind while looking at this urban street art. Get inspired by street art from Wide Open Walls in Gambia!

Have you seen the new collection of Danish brand Ferm Living? The new ‘Pen’ collection is where the pen is in charge of the print. This collection with tablecloth and napkins suits the best with this style of street art! See below if you haven’t seen the collection yet. Also from the color scheme I created I picked some grungy textiles from HK Living. A cushion with dripped shapes like the bottom of the street art, and a rug which contains the brightest blue in the whole picture. The Louis All Black by Jimmie Martin adds some class and ‘Fringe’ by Zuiver finish it all.

If you are looking for an edgy color palette, this collage is your cup of tea! Personally I really love it and recently ‘dipped’ my bedroom in this style. Ceiling lamp ‘Fringe’ is luckily on it’s way for my new blue bedroom 🙂

Enjoy this edgy collage inspired by some urban street art from Gambia!


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Modern man cave

It’s almost weekend which means time to celebrate and go out. Or on the other hand, stay at home in your man cave. In America and Australia the man cave is very popular, but in The Netherlands you see it more often. A space where the man of the house can enjoy his hobbies or alcoholic beverages. Whether it’s in a basement, shed or spare room, as long as it’s equipped with a television, comfortable seating and a mini bar it’s good enough. So while the woman is baking cupcakes, the man can enjoy his beverages with his friends (stereotypical speaking…). So here’s my interpretation of the modern man cave where not only comfortable seating is equipped, but also modern lightning, rock and roll and an industrial touch.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]n my eyes most of the man caves come very ‘old English pub’ or very industrial. When it comes to the single man it mostly is called a bachelor pad – which I personally adore! More luxury and less clutter. Most of the Dutch homes that I visited contained a computer room and a hobby room (mostly for women). So let’s get masculine and give the man more space than just a little shed filled with tools, and get inspired by the following interior decoration specially for men, to decorate your own modern man cave!




// Classified Moto Café Table & Original lamp with spring coverClassified Moto
The guys behind Classified Moto started with custom made motorcycles and toyed around with some custom made lamps.
What started with a whim in their garage, turned in a worldwide hit. The lamp is made of vintage parts of 70’s and 80’s Japanese motorcycles.


Shell-Stool-bronze-JakePhipps// Wall lamp Jeeves & Shell Stool by Jake PhippsJake Phipps

My personal fav is Jeeves because of it’s authentic bowler hat. Jake Phipps add that little British design which I adore: a different angle on furniture designs. Phipps works for huge clients like Google, Tommy Hilfiger, Harvey Nichols and Philippe Starck. An eye-catcher for the true gentleman!


// Cars filmography by Calm The Ham –  Calm The Ham
A little bit more vintage with this awesome print of all different movie cars from 1929 to the modern day!
Iconic cars like the “1963 Cadillac series 62 Convertible” from Scarface, “1955 Ford Lincoln Futura Concept Car” from Batman and my personal favourite: “1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500” from Gone In 60 Seconds.


// The Rockstar whisky bar by Buster + PunchBuster and Punch
Again an UK-based brand – gotta love it! Buster + Punch are for those who want to live with conviction.
I’ll write more on these fellows later! This Rockstar whisky and cocktail bar is finished in American Black walnut and covered with Rockstar Black Leather.


// Keats sofa by Jimmie Martin –  Jimmie Martin
When it comes to Jimmie Martin I’m always in. These guys know how to turn furniture into unique pieces, sometimes even with graffiti.
For every modern man cave owner, a lovely refurnished Chesterfield

Hope you got inspired for a man cave. I don’t want to exclude women, I guess if you are into industrial design and home interiors you would love some of the products above.

Enjoy your weekend!!


Shakespeare in disguise

These Shakespeare busts are 15 one-off works by  Jimmie Martin. Jimmie Karlsson & Martin Nihimar are two of my London heroes. I featured Jimmie Martin earlier on my blog, because their work inspirers me. Enjoy this work of art!

Busts from left to right: Imperfection (my personal favorite), Blackened and 2B.

I can’t wait to visit to visit their showroom in London!

More info on jimmiemartin.com


Baroque ‘n’ Roll met Jimmie Martin

Jimmie Martin bestaat uit het van oorsprong Zweedse designduo Jimmie Karlsson (zie header foto) en Martin Nihlmar. Inmiddels zijn de twee heren gesetteld in Londen met hun creatieve ‘there are no rules’ meubel- en accessoire collectie. Elk ontwerp heeft een statement waar je niet omheen kan. Met Rock-chick P!nk in de planning vind ik dit een uitgelezen kans om het werk van Jimmie Martin met jullie te delen. Rebels en tegendraads, daar houden we van! LABEL1114 toont je een selectie uit de collectie van Jimmie Martin en een kijkje bij de designers thuis.

[dropcap]J[/dropcap]immie Martin geeft antieke meubelen een nieuw leven door een nieuwe verflaag, graffiti teksten, schilderij prints en bekleding. Naast antieke meubelen bestaat het label inmiddels ook uit kussens, lampen, Shakespeare bustes en behang waarin de rebelse signatuur duidelijk terugkomt. De twee autodidactische designers hadden nooit de intentie om een design duo te vormen. Het was bij toeval toen Karlsson verhuisde naar een groter appartement met een van zijn pronkstukken onder zijn arm. Een designliefhebber sprak hem aan over het meubelstuk en bood zijn etalage aan voor verkoop. In 2004 begon het balletje te rollen en meteen in 2005 ontvingen zij de ‘New Designer in Prectise’ award waardoor zij naam maakte.



Jimmie Karlsson’s interieur






Inmiddels telt Jimmie Martin een groot aantal bekende sterren en designers, waaronder Kelly Osbourne, Pete Townsend,Kylie Minogue en Madonna. De ‘Queen of Pop’ vroeg hen voor het ontwerp van de spectaculaire avant-garde troon voor haar Superbowl Halftime optreden. Daarnaast hebben zij verschillende samenwerkingsverbanden op het gebied van interieurstyling en speciale collecties ontworpen in samenwerking met bekende fotografen.

Madonna’s Superbowl Halftime Show troon



De ‘Imperfection’-serie spreekt mij persoonlijk het meest aan, vooral het grootse contrast en de graffiti typografie. Een nadeel aan de in mijn ogen fantastische uitgesproken collectie: het prijskaartje 🙂



Nieuwsgierig geworden? Ga naar www.jimmiemartin.com voor meer werk.