Monday Mood

Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Lucky Child

Word jij af en toe ook zo blij van kleine herinneringen uit je jeugd? Onlangs spotte ik op Pinterest de View Master: Magisch!! 🙂 Een combinatie van een verrekijker en een fototoestel, waar diaplaatjes werden getoond na een klik. Pure nostalgie met een mooi jeugdsentimentje 🙂 Op het festival** van afgelopen weekend voelde ik me ook weer helemaal een kind – enkel waar ik vroeger los ging op ‘kleine’ beats in nummers van o.a. de Vengaboys, was het nu “iets” zwaarder (Deep House, techno etc). Omgeven door hippe festivalgangers en veel vertier heb ik me enorm vermaakt! Puur eten, vriendinnen, mensen die dansen zonder enige schaamte – genieten! In plaats van de plaatjes in de View Master heb ik zelf weer herinneringen voor later geklikt met de technologie die er vroeger “gelukkig” niet was. Hele fijne en pure week allemaal!


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Do you remember the View Master? That little device you probably know from your childhood, clicking images like a photo camera… Well it reminded me of my non-tech childhood which I loved so much! Last weekend I attended a festival which made me feel like a child again – besides the fact that this beats were much harder than the songs I enjoyed at least 20 years ago. I loved the scene that was going on, pure food, lovely friends and a lot of people with no shame at all. Festivals are so down to earth, I love it. And this time I shot some new memories for later with technology, I luckily didn’t own when I was a child!!

Have a pure and lovely week, dear readers and friends!

**A little impression of the music and ambiance 🙂

Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Blueberry Dream

Afgelopen weekend was rustig, zonnig en bovenal inspirerend! Er waren tientallen festivals her en der, maar zelf heb ik feitelijk ‘niks’ gedaan behalve een up-tempo lesje Sh’Bam op de zaterdagochtend (een blijvertje), huisman spelen en een hapje en drankje met vrienden. Ontspannen is heerlijk als je het combineert met dagdromen! Aangezien gedachten nooit stil lijken te staan, heb ik toch een beetje ‘gewerkt’ aan een concept dat me al 4 jaar bezig houdt. Eentje die ik verwacht dit jaar te verwezenlijken (binnenkort meer). Door de temperatuur ben ik niet toegekomen aan het verven van mijn hal en woonkamer, wat ik wel op mijn lijstje had staan. Als alles gaat volgens planning, siert Blueberry Dream eind van deze week mijn hal. Vandaag alvast een voorproefje in deze Monday Mood.


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Woensdag meer over mijn Blueberry Dream verfproject 🙂 Fijne week allemaal!
O… voor ik het vergeet, het recept van Blueberry Lemon Napoleon Dessert lijkt me een aanradertje voor dit zomerse weer!

Last weekend I enjoyed some me-time. I didn’t plan anything except for a hardcore Sh’Bam class and breakfast with a friend. It was a great weekend for some daydreaming and working on a concept I’ve got in my head for over 4 years now. I hope to share more soon – tough it’s a Dutch project. I’ve also thinking about repainting my house in a colour I discovered last week during a Flexa Creations Event in Amsterdam. The colour “Blueberry Dream” is the one I’m applying to my hallway and living room this week. I’ll tell you more about it on Wednesday. For now enjoy this Monday Mood board and don’t forget to have a look at the recipe (3) – it looks easy and yummy!

Have a delicious new week!


Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Be Unique

For some it takes longer to have an own voice than to others. I own one since the last 3 years – I guess. I’ve always had a different taste, way, point of view and all that – but I mostly kept it to myself. Now it’s completely out and that feels great! If everybody is given a voice, than use it! Not only political leaders need one, designers, musicians and artist signature is part of their voice and what they want to tell the world. In this open mind and open source world you can be everything you want. But be you, have your own voice. Be unique and have your own signature like Jaime Hayon, his designs have an own voice. Be outspoken and out there, change something in your living to make it your own.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]f you own a voice, great things happen. Like Andy Warhol who’s voice and vision made it to the art and fashion books. And although this Monday Mood is all black and white, having a voice isn’t… Play with extremes but find your own frequency – well that’s my best learning of the couple of months. So don’t be someones echo; Be U, be unique 🙂

Have a great week all!


Quote | vase for BD by Jaime Hayon | Minimal black flooring | Andy Warhol by Robert Mapplethorpe

Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Music is my therapy

Music has always been very important for me. Besides the lack of talent for playing any instrument, I love singing (in the shower) and there’s no day passing by without listening or dancing to music. Music to me is like therapy. “Sometimes music is the only thing that gets your mind off of everything else”. Even my iPod Shuffle is engraved with “Dr. Music”… 🙂 Luckily lots of people agree and get inspired by it, like Man Ray who photographed a woman with violin details on her back in 1924. Or Delighfull, who created lamps in the shape of trumpets. I got inspired by music last weekend to create this Monday Mood.


Botti lamp | Le violin d’Ingres | Violins | Quote

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]ast weekend I travelled to Maastricht to experience the musical world of André Rieu. It was his 10th anniversary concert and my best friend wanted to share his experience with me. So I joined him, his family and friends at ‘Vrijthof’ in Maastricht. After an arranged dinner, the show started with André Rieu and his orchestra arriving on Italian ‘tuktuks’. The stage was decorated in a Venetian style, with a replica of the San Marco Square! I loved the whole show in more than just one way! Besides the talented musical performance there was a great ambiance around it. Solidarity, decor, great music, what else do you need? Music actually does bring people together.

I don’t consider myself a true classical music lover, but luckily André Rieu gives you more than just that. The man is a true entertainer and it takes lots of passion to get such a talented orchestra together which behave like a family. It was a joy  to see so many people passionate about music. I’m not completely new with his musical repertoire. My grand ma used to be a huge fan and played his music very often. Ever since I was little I have been surrounded with music. At home I grew up with music. Unfortunately I can’t remember it, but both my parents played guitar centuries ago 😉

Have a great new week all!


Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Dolce Italy

Yesterday I participated a bloggers lunch with an Italian theme. Jup, it’s a cliché, but ‘La vita é bella’! Especially with great food, a fresh glass of Prosecco with Limoncello ‘Fiorito’ and new inspiring people in a cozy well-decorated space 🙂 Eddy and Femk, the culinary duo of Hééérlijk ‘Delicious’ served lovely Italian food.

Although I never visited Italy, the pasta salad, bruschetta with cream cheese, ham and figs and the great finish: home-made tiramisu, made my head believe I was on holiday! Ever since I’ve read and saw the movie ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ I wanted to enjoy the Italian food like it was described in the book. So now Roberts and I share two things: red hair and a love for Italian food. On this Monday I want to share some of that ‘Dolce Italy’ feeling with you!

I found a lovely saying and I quote: “Il Dolce Far Niente”, which actually means “The Sweetness Of Doing Nothing”. Something you can keep in mind after your work day – or maybe for next weekend. Have a great week all!


Kitchen with Fornasetti plates | Il Dolce Far Niente print | Capri Trunk | Cashmere crewneck sweater

Ciao ! See you back on Wednesday

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Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Go outside

Have you felt the power of the outsides lately? Well I did last weekend while I stayed at my best friends house in the upper north of Holland called “Friesland”. The road towards turned the land more green and wide open. More water, animals and trees. What I most liked was the sound of birds in the morning and evening. That’s the only thing I miss while living in the city. If you are always planning parties, movies and get-togethers you sometimes forget how important it is to be alone (or together) with nature itself. So that’s what I did this weekend – besides partying 😉 I even got a tan.

[dropcap]U[/dropcap]nfortunately I didn’t see these Blue-throated bee-eaters, but the little Dutch sparrows. Creating a garden that looks and act like nature is a great first step. Maybe even add more green on the inside with some hanging jelly planters, like the ones from Angus & Celeste. Take a moment of your time in nature by turning off your computer and go outside – even if it rains.


Succulents | Blue-throated Bee-eaters | Hanging jelly planters | Turn of your computer and go outside – print

Have a great new week!


Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Call me a dreamer

Ever since I was a little kid I’ve been dreaming, creating and imagining. Everybody dreams, right? With dreams there is hope for something you want in the future (or earlier). Dreaming is moving forward on an different plane – safe and for your eyes only. Great masters like John Lennon, Oscar Wilde and Martin Luther King all had dreams. King just one, if you remember his most popular saying. Anyway, most of my dreams are about ways to be even more independent. Having my own design label, a bigger house and one day having a great boyfriend. It’s a new week, new days and maybe new dreams. Let there be room for yours! The most beautiful part of dreaming is that there are infinite possibilities 😉


Cloud Chair | Dreamer installation | Dream on Dreamer | Attic window

Enjoy your Monday and one day, make your dreams come true 🙂

Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Laugh more

Once a year it’s tradition to visit Maastricht. We stay at my best friends parents and hit the city for shopping, drinks, dancing and deep conversations – a weekend I cherish! With on my left Bram, the crazy ex-local, world traveller in progress and soulmate. And on my right Denise, the ‘verbal’ trainer, world explorer and partner-in-creative-crime. With these two on my side there are plenty of ingredients for a fun weekend! And don’t you agree that “life is better when you’re laughing”? Although I’m not a huge fan of soccer matches (jup not even World Cup), with the right people on your side even reading manuals will entertain you! Packed with a water gun we laughed so loud, tears were flowing down our cheeks 🙂

[dropcap]L[/dropcap]uckily designers agree! In this Monday Mood I share some of my favourites which popped up while pinning. Let’s kick off with my most favourite photographer David Lachapelle always intrigues me and get a smile on my face. His celeb portraits are hilarious and extravagant! And if you have a little fashion sense and like to spot new trends, you couldn’t have missed the new collection by Moschino by the great Jeremy Scott! Last shows he sent models, dressed like employees of McDonalds, down the catwalk! Scott got an eye for fun and I like the combination of skinny models dressed in fast food! And last but not least the limited edition Landrover by Studio Job! It even sticks out it’s tongue 😛


Elton John by David Lachapelle | Quote | Landrover by Studio Job | Moschino ’14

Have you already laughed today? 🙂

Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Breakfast in bed

It’s Pentecost which means extra long weekend! To me that means spending more time in bed, having all essentials within arm reach and starting the day with new ideas… Yesterday I read something about giving others your time, which is a precious gift. Not only to others but also to yourself. Holiday’s like this give you that opportunity for luxury which you don’t get during the week – well at least I don’t. Tomorrow after my big bed breakfast, I’m gonna grab my shades, a book and a nice cup of coffee for some me-time outside.

Hope you planned a great day for yourself too! Enjoy this second Monday Mood; Breakfast in bed!


Breakfast | Bedroom | Essentials | Light bulbs

Don’t you just love the raw grey and the warm browns?