Last weekend finds #1

Last weekend I spent some time in my parents cabin in the woods. A lovely place to get lost and get some rest. I’ve always enjoyed nature and it’s not weird that all materials of nature are so trending in interiors lately. I think we all need some time off when it comes to screaming (social) media advertising. I’m going to force myself to visit that lovely spot in nature more often. Nature is inspiring in all her ways. The different shades, the fallen trees, singing birds… I see more of it appearing in my interior, especially wood. Before visiting the little cabin, I visited Amsterdam for a TV program event of Toren C. The event was staged in an industrial barn with an even more industrial decorated bar next to it. Bar “Roest” is decorated with a mix of eclectic and industrial, which fits the laid back attitude of their visitors and employees. And last but not least I started drawing again, day by day I want to challenge myself to draw something. Enjoy my weekend finds!

[dropcap]B[/dropcap]esides drawing for fun I want to give you the opportunity to select your favourite. The drawing with the most ‘likes’ will be turned into a poster and digitalised so you can download it! Drawing triggers my creativity and I’m happy to found that part of me back šŸ™‚

Behind the ‘scenes’ I’m working hard on my new bedroom from which I will share part 2 very soon! Ā Also I’m working on some more home tours to share with you. For now here’s a little selection of my Instagram life last weekend. I tried to keep my phone of, but my surrounding begged me to get captured šŸ™‚



// Butterfly “E”* trip
E stands for Emma, a friend which inspired me for this drawing


// Sleeping under my new Zuiver Fringe lamp


// Inside Bar “Roest” in Amsterdam


// Good Friends, Good Wine, Good Times quote drawing


// My parents cabin in the woods


// Ziva (parents cat) sleeping drawing


And of course a #selfie with the ladies from Toren C šŸ˜‰

Comment your favourite!

Mijn appartement in Rotterdam

Fresh touch of nature

Yesterday I visited the Intratuin for some fresh new greens. I saw this awesome idea of mini terrariums in a magazine I wanted to work out. So I visited the huge green paradise and got me some new plants, cactuses and pots. I created two small little terrariums, landscapes with a mix of cactuses and some other plants. Just small pops of yellow and magenta. The lady at Intratuin asked me if it was a terrarium of only plants or whether I wanted to add animals… Well unfortunately I don’t own a snake or iguana or any animal related to cactus environments. Just joyful mini deserts for my home.

[dropcap]I[/dropcap]ntratuin is definitely on my list for my next ‘freshen up’ idea. Really like it there. They even potted my ‘Zamioculcas’ green leafed plants. Intratuin offers a lot besides plants, they have flowers, home decorating and everything you need to keep your garden inside and outside pretty!Ā Also creating your own terrarium is really fun! I’m thinking about adding stones or small wood pieces. Cactuses are so different in shapes and sizes. Just be careful with the spines and keep tweezers short handed! Ā A fresh touch of nature!

Enjoy your weekend!






Gisteren bezocht ik de Intratuin, na inspiratie die ik had opgedaan in een magazine. Een mini terrarium voor thuis met verschillende cactussen. Maar ook voor een mooie vetplant die mijn ouders vroegen thuis hadden, de Zamioculcas. Wat ik even vergeten was: potten! Gelukkig kan je voor alles bij Intratuin terecht en kocht ik 2 mat witte ronde potten. Dankzij de oppot service van Intratuin bespaarde ik tijd (en een rotzooitje in huis). Eenmaal thuis aangekomen ben ik aan de slag gegaan met de diverse soorten cactus en een soort ‘vliegenvanger’. Verdeeld over een transparante vaas en een witte schaal heb ik 2 ’terrariums’ gecreĆ«erd. Leuk om zelf te doen, maar… hou de pincet bij de hand! Die kleine stekeltjes prikken en blijven snel hangen in je vel!

Ik ga dit weekend eens genieten van mijn mini samengestelde natuur. Fijn weekend!


All photos by LABEL1114