Photography by Juliette Bates

I guess this week it’s ‘art week’ on the blog! Art always moves me and so does Juliette Bates with her ‘freaky’ photography. As I mentioned before, I love the dark, occults and the freaky side of nature. That’s why I enjoy visiting Bleaq – from friend and fellow blogger Jantine, and it might be the reason I’m a huge horror-fan! Anyways, I found these great photos by Parisian Juliette Bates I really had to share with you all. A different contrast between life and death. And a series of forgotten houses.

A different inspiration than I’m known for, but this is all part of the big journey on the blog. So enjoy ‘Histoires Naturelles’ & ‘Sleepy Houses’  by the amazing Juliette Bates!




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