Designer Spotlight

Designer Spotlight: Marcantonio

Ik heb een oogje op Marcantonio, nou ja… op zijn designs. Het begon allemaal met zijn Giraffe in Love lamp die ik zie schitteren in ons nieuwe huis. Ook Jeroen is overtuigd dat dit een geweldige toevoeging zou zijn! Maar Marcantonio werkt aan een hele dierentuin voor jouw huis, kortom: tijd voor een ouderwetse ‘designer spotlight’.

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Monday Mood

Monday Mood: Prince of the jungle

“Waar ga jij heen met Koningsdag? Oranjebitter, Kralingsebos festival of toch naar Amsterdam?”. Geen van alle: ik ben in het bos. Ik vind het allemaal prima. Oranje is mijn minst favoriete kleur. Doe mij maar veel groen, natuur en rust. Nee, ik ben pas 28 maar toch ik vermijd liever alles met menigten. Zo’n extra vrije dag in het jaar besteed ik liever als prins heerlijk in het bos!


1|  2 | 3 | 4

PS: Ermelo is zo ‘wild’dat het af en toe een jungle is. Thuis wil ik ook meer en meer een groene ‘urban’ jungle creëren en de nieuwe Monkey-lampen van Seletti zouden daarbij niet misstaan!

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Fancy Friday: Wall Lighting

While planning my ‘Hallway project’, I’ve considered many options for the walls. Besides deciding the right color, I looked at the options for wall decoration and came up to wall lighting! Although I visit lots of interiors, there’s one thing they all have in common: no wall lighting. In most cases you find wall lighting in the garden, aside the front door or in community hallways.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o I did some digging and found different styles of wall lighting that would enrich your walls! My personal favorite is the neon lighting by Seletti, which gives you the opportunity to create your own. Ever since I saw this neon light sign in the home of my friend Patrick a.k.a. the Interiorator, I got inspired to get a similar or get my own neon lights. Seletti’s collections covers the whole alphabet and some special characters like the ampersand I fancy!

A second favorite is the Sticky lamp by Droog, which is more flexible due to it’s ‘sticky’ ability.  Enjoy them all in this weeks Fancy Friday!


[ 1 ] HK Living // [ 2 ] & neon by Seletti // [ 3 ] Sticky by Droog // [ 4 ] Copper wall lightning by Bloomingville // [ 5 ] Industrial lamp by Bloomingville

Do you already own a wall lamp? And if you could choose, which of the above would be on your wish list?

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Fancy Friday: Garden wanna-haves

Every garden needs some eye-catchers and these wanna-haves all got their own unique style. For this Fancy Friday I had this color combination in my mind, only instead of the color blue like I shared on Monday, I chose a concrete grey to accompany the ‘ginger’ copper. It was hard to find my own personal favorite of these 5 garden wanna-haves, but I found one that actually fits the image in my head. I’ve placed it on my wishlist “home with a garden”. In the meantime I would place it in my home as an art object or even in my bathroom – for a walk-in shower. Jup, I’m referring to the Seletti Aquart garden shower. With a concrete foot and copper on top this is exactly the combination I had in mind.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]aybe it’s the sun, an overdose vitamin D or just the positive vibe I’m in, but I’m enjoying being outside. Even the rainy days, which are great for the landscaped field in front of my home. Earlier this year I shared my summer vibes with some balcony inspiration and my own balcony. Together with friend and stylist Stefanie I teamed up for a garden mood board called “dazzling summer nights“. Anyways, you get the point: I love the outside and I’m happy with my small and cozy balcony (and huge garden imagination).

Enjoy this garden wanna-haves for todays Fancy Friday!


[ 1 ] Fire bowl “Rust” by Esschert // [ 2 ] Urban Garden by Larix // [ 3 ] Vimo lamps by Lucide  // [ 4 ] Aquart garden shower by Seletti // [ 5 ] Lounge chair 1956 by Mal

What’s your personal favorite?

Voor de Nederlandse lezers: Benieuwd waar je deze leuke Vaderdag cadeaus kan scoren? Ik heb alles gevonden op Fonq.nl.
Fijn weekend!! 🙂

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Portrait photo via styling by David Harrison


Inspired by street art #4

New month, new graffiti inspired by street art piece. This time one with my favorite colors: black, white and grey. This beautiful piece of artwork is situated near Rotterdam Central Station and just a 5 minute walk from my home. Like the previous ‘Inspired by’ post, this urban graffiti piece is also from a Brazilian street artist – they’ve got some great skills! Speto, a 40 years old graffiti pioneer, like to portray things in a simple and playful way – mostly in black and white. This – so far – untitled mural is also part of the Brazilian Urban Art festival in Rotterdam, 2009.

What I most like about Speto’s street art painting, are the modern abstract lines with an almost ‘Picasso’ drawn female figure. The dark strokes are a huge contrast with the white. The brown brick wall is part of the whole mural. Below the graffiti piece you’ll find some hip-hop inspired black and white photographs, which really fits the area because of the “Hip Hop House” near it. A playful picture perfect! All street art colors create a minimal and urban color scheme.

While searching for the right selection of interior accessories and furniture I immediately thought of the Cartoon Table by Seletti, the geometrical shaped Paper Vase by Pepe Heykoop and the playful porcelain ‘My Robot’ by Seletti. Seletti is known for his different look on interior design and ‘playful’ is the first thing that comes to mind.

Enjoy the minimal color palette and urban playful inspired by street art mood board selection!


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