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Greens in shops and cafés

While the April edition of Urban Jungle Bloggers was within reach, this May edition challenged me for a trip. Luckily I like trips and planned a visit to a new veggie place in Rotterdam. Together with my friend and ‘health guru’ I visited Arq – a little walk just outside the centre of Rotterdam. This cozy  place got a great philosophy with lots of bio and green food. Their mission: “super delicious food without meat or fish”. Well, that was something I had to try out! A perfect moment to spot some greens in cafés, shops or restaurants on our way. Although the food was delicious and really nutritive, there wasn’t that much green!

Last week I spotted lots of greens in shops and cafés, not in the shape of plants but in flowers. You can call it trending but if you walk into a random lunchroom of café in Rotterdam your table is decorated with different flowers in bottles, small vases or designer objects.

What I did spot was a lovely store called ‘Stek’ which means ‘place’ of ‘spot’, mostly if you refer to some meters on a land. Anyway, at this shop you can buy anything for your urban city garden – well at least that’s how they position themselves. So at the end I got a great shot for this months Urban Jungle Bloggers theme. Enjoy my little addition!



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Mijn appartement in Rotterdam, Urban Jungle

Urban Jungle Bloggers: Green balcony

It’s getting more sunny by the day – well at least it does in Rotterdam. I reprogrammed my biorhythm to get home earlier in the evening to enjoy the last sunlight and have diner on my balcony. Just the motivation I needed to start and create my own little urban jungle. Earlier I shared my new balcony ideas, but for now I just added some more green to create a more colorful balcony. While visiting Igor’s blog (Happy Interior blog) I saw this awesome monthly Urban Jungle Bloggers theme from happy bloggers all around the world. This month I join the fun with the theme  “Show your green balcony” . Enjoy the first look of my Urban Jungle in progress with bright yellows, fresh greens and warm wood.

Living in the centre of Rotterdam automatically creates an urban vibe when it comes to creating your own little garden with the space you’ve got. Although I love the color of concrete, the wooden flooring by IKEA creates a more warm look. The little bistro set is cozy but not enough for having more than just one friend over. That’s the reason I made new plans for my green balcony. The bright yellow cushion by H&M Home adds a little Caribbean touch and inspired me for a healthy snack from yoghurt and pineapple. Birds in the city are rare, besides pigeons and seagulls, so I adopted another Pols Potten singing bird :). All together I really love my urban green balcony. I just can’t wait to realize my ideas and finish it all together for summer. Hope you like it to!


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