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My brand new blue bedroom #2

Last week the Fringe lamp and the louvre doors finally arrived, so my bedroom is almost finished the way I imagined it. To finish it all I need some decoration pieces for the cupboard and an art piece for the wall. I never thought I would like it this much! The color blue makes me feel calm – which helps me get rest – and the new ceiling lamp adds a different layer and creates a contrast. And last but not least, the louvre doors to the bathroom are creating more space. Enjoy my master bedroom part 2!

In my previous post on my bedroom redecoration you see where it all started. From beige to blue is a huge difference but I never felt so calm and relaxed before hitting dreamland. And the start of the change: my Piet Hein Eek cupboard, is situated on the opposite of my bed so I see it every morning while I wake up. Almost 4 years I had a beige bedroom which looked like a hotel room on purpose, but now it looks more like a modern boudoir. Also on purpose, but I never thought I would ever buy a ceiling lamp like this. But it’s more ‘out there’, more daring!


Hard coal Fringe lamp by Zuiver above the bed adds a baroque and boudoir twist to the modern room


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