Today I visited the Witte de With in Rotterdam. The street where Marlies Dekkers owns a shop, worldly restaurant Bazar is suited, where cultural festivals meet and where lots of art galleries are listed. With my yet new bedroom I’m in the search of a lovely art piece, so with the sun in my back I enjoyed an inspirational trip. Two art galleries popped out: The House Of Ababa and art expo TENT – which was recently renewed. The House Of Ababa is brand new and a platform for both established artists and young talent to show and sell their work and to give art lovers the chance to collect art in an easy and accessible way. The art now established, is a combination of graffiti, photo manipulation and pop art. TENT exposed a complete different way of art by Anne Wenzel. The Opaque Palace are works produced over the past ten years and show a large monographic exhibition. Wenzels work is dark and shows lost causes with her post-romantic imagination and baroque.

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o two completely different art genres, but in my eyes both inspirational and beautiful. What I like about Anne Wenzel in TENT is the dark imagination and material use, creating a haunted place laden with old and mostly forgotten stories. What I like about The House Of Ababa is the changing collection with young talent and the pop art signature. For example, the huge banana something ordinary which the great – yes I’m a huge fan – Andy Warhol turned into art. So here are my favorites, hope I can inspire you to visit both galleries 🙂

Enjoy !

// The House Of Ababa – A touch of pop art and young and established talents






// TENT – Anne Wenzel “The Opaque Palace”








Photos by Johan Hazenbroek

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