While the April edition of Urban Jungle Bloggers was within reach, this May edition challenged me for a trip. Luckily I like trips and planned a visit to a new veggie place in Rotterdam. Together with my friend and ‘health guru’ I visited Arq – a little walk just outside the centre of Rotterdam. This cozy  place got a great philosophy with lots of bio and green food. Their mission: “super delicious food without meat or fish”. Well, that was something I had to try out! A perfect moment to spot some greens in cafés, shops or restaurants on our way. Although the food was delicious and really nutritive, there wasn’t that much green!

Last week I spotted lots of greens in shops and cafés, not in the shape of plants but in flowers. You can call it trending but if you walk into a random lunchroom of café in Rotterdam your table is decorated with different flowers in bottles, small vases or designer objects.

What I did spot was a lovely store called ‘Stek’ which means ‘place’ of ‘spot’, mostly if you refer to some meters on a land. Anyway, at this shop you can buy anything for your urban city garden – well at least that’s how they position themselves. So at the end I got a great shot for this months Urban Jungle Bloggers theme. Enjoy my little addition!




The fries made of vegetables were so delicious – especially combined with home made mayonnaise! If you are a hardcore vegan and living in Rotterdam, you should definitely visit Arq!


I spotted these flowers at The Tea Lab, a new ‘hipster’ place in the centre of Rotterdam – love the contrast of old and new all over the shop

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Photography by Johan Hazenbroek, label1114