In the past few weeks two friends got their own place, so it’s time for gifts! This theme for the Urban Jungle Bloggers completely suits: I’m offering a plant to a friend. This gift is for my dear friend Tiffany, who just moved into her little ‘penthouse’ in Rotterdam. Her style can be defined as rustic modern with a strong touch of individuality. Tiff (who prefers to leave the ‘any’) is a very strong person who always takes care of her self.

The only thing she can’t take care of are plants (note: these are her own words). But I’m quite stubborn (and so is she!) and I want to share my love for plants. After a search I found THE plant for Tiff: an air plant. The Tillandsia is probably the strongest plant in the world due to it’s independence. Because it got no need of soil I had to get creative! I created an industrial hanger.


An imperfect piece of jewelry for the wall. A brass linker with the numbers ’22’ on it, which fits her age 😉 And to hang it all, a natural cord which refers to the beach which she’s very fond of. I had to use my molded hand to ‘offer it’ on an unusual way 😉



When I first saw the Tillandsia I was immediately intrigued by it’s appearance, but also by the fact that it’s just growing without roots. But now I know why, these plants grow on trees and cacti in South and Central America. Their roots only serve as a way of attaching themselves. Of course it needs watering, but not directly. They are called air plant for a reason: moisture and food being crystallized by the leaves from the air. So to keep them growing – which is a slow process – you need to spray water over the plant twice a week. Awesome isn’t it?!

UJB-OfferAPlant-5 UJB-OfferAPlant-6

Yesterday I offered her the plant and she’s liked it (yay!). I can’t wait to see it in her home, hanging around. Note to myself: buy her a spray bottle and send the instructions 🙂

Now it’s time to figure out what I kind of green I can get for my other friend… Keep you posted!

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 Photography by Johan Hazenbroek, label1114