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21 mei



Urban Jungle Bloggers: Plant Gang

21 mei 2015 | By | 11 Comments

When I received this months Urban Jungle Bloggers topic I instantly thought about a green dinner with my plants. A couple of months ago I started focussing on eating more natural and clean. So from now on I blend some delicious green smoothies and enjoy all the beauty from Mother nature on my plate. For this blogpost I cooked some healthy spinach soup* with coco milk – the spots are on purpose :).

I had dinner in my own urban jungle and I think I’m gonna do this more often – rearranging decoration is nothing new for me. Too bad the rest of the room looks a bit ’empty’, well I can always add more plants! Anyways, let’s have dinner with the gang!




While capturing this fine moments with my green family I decided to move my point of view. It felt like I was the Mad Hatter in my own version of Alice In Wonderland – man do I love that movie!



Thanks for this months inspirational topic Igor & Judith! I really liked hanging out with my plant gang! I’m already curious what’s coming up next month 🙂

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Photography by Johan Hazenbroek, label1114

*It’s not my ambition to become a food blogger, but I really like to share this awesome recipe for spinach soup with you all. Don’t worry, it’s easy and done in 25 minutes!

You need 300 gr of fresh spinach, 100 ml coco milk, 1 sweet potato, 700 ml bouillon, a little ginger and 1 tea spoon cayenne pepper (not too myself: 1 tea spoon, not a dinner spoon – I made the soup to hot to handle…).

Cook the spinach and sweet potato in the bouillon. Add ginger and blend it all together.
Cook it again and add the pepper and coco milk. You can make it more liquid by adding some water. Or some extra taste with pepper and salt.

Enjoy some healthy green soup!


  1. Moody and very inviting! Nice plant gang and tablesetting, Johan!

    • Johan

      Thanks Igor! It’s not the exact same thing as having dinner in the woods, but it’s a good start 😉

  2. Wat een goed idee om je planten om je heen te zetten tijdens het eten. Het staat erg gezellig en inderdaad: gewoon meer planten zetten op die lege plekken 😉 dan heb je de volgende keer nog ‘n grotere plantgang om te laten zien en te stylen. Leuk dat je weer mee doet, Johan!

    • Johan

      Het is letterlijk een urban jungle om in te eten! Jullie bedankt voor wederom een creatieve uitdaging!

  3. Masculine, strong and very nice. Hope you’re well Johan.

    • Johan

      Thank you Tina! I like your ‘zen’ terrace too – and Magda is probably getting that beautiful red very soon!

  4. Mooie stoere setting Johan en dat blauwe wandje maakt het helemaal af. Je soepje ga ik onthouden, thx!

    • Johan

      Dankjewel Yz! Lachen dat ook jij komt met de conclusie dat je meer plantjes in huis wil! Soepje is een aanrader: eetsmakelijk!

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