When I received this months Urban Jungle Bloggers theme I was hooked! Plants & Coffee… what is not to love! When I was this little red head my grand ma taught me to drink coffee. I had my own cup at her place and drank it with milk and sugar. Nowadays I like it black when I’m at home, sometimes with milk and sugar and when I’m out I prefer a cappuccino. And sometimes I go crazy at Starbucks with different flavors. Let’s just say it: I love coffee!

And I love plants. My house is getting more green by the bit! Even my desk at work is getting a botanic touch. A couple of fresh new leafs are enough for a cozy feeling and some extra oxygen!

For this Urban Jungle Bloggers-theme I captured my Saturday morning ritual. I love waking up with sun beams entering my living room, enlighten my plants. With my first cup of coffee I like to write down ideas and sketch my thoughts. Enjoying my little ‘sacred’ moment of waking up. Today I like to share that little ritual with you all!






Don’t you just love that little cactus? It looks a bit like good old Mickey Mouse. I got it at the First or Second Store by April & May at the latest Bloggerslunch!

This is my fourth Urban Jungle Bloggers post… Collect them all 😉

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Photography by Johan Hazenbroek, label1114