Brands like Vitaly touche me. This story is more than inspiring, it shows that it sometimes takes a self-reflection and appreciation of nature to create something beautiful. I surely can’t wait to get my hands on a piece of Vitaly! Below you find some jewelry, mostly in matte black, wood and gold – my favorite colors. Another beautiful part of this jewelry is that all pieces are unisex – so good for both worlds!

I believe everything happens for a reason, whether it’s good or bad in the beginning. Vitaly’s story proves that. Founder Shane Vitaly Foran put his corporate job on hold due to a growing sense of a burn-out. During six weeks of pilgrimage through Indonesia he found Ubud, a small haven for artists where he spend three weeks in a state of introverted reflection. After dreaming of hand-crafted jewelry, Shane produced some simple designs with the help of some local craftsmen. After a huge enthusiasm through social media, Shane decided to take the risk of a lifetime. Truly inspiring! Along with close friend and business partner Jason Readman they invested their last pennies in their vision. Vitaly was born! A brand that embrace the lifestyle and personalities that have inspired it – from stage diving, fine art to body art.



|┬áMy personal favorite from the collection is this two finger wooden ring ‘Hugeng’!







So what do you think of Vitaly?

Have an inspired day and no matter what happens in your life, believe something good will follow!

Images and more info via Vitaly